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Montana Agency Alliance is NOT an insurance franchise, aggregator, brokerage or one of the many clusters available to independent agents. We are an Insurance Integrator helping insurance agencies using proven strategies that have allowed our existing members to increase customer retention, increase agency production & profitability, and remain 100% independent!

Build A Profitable Agency Faster With An Unrivaled Growth Partner

Montana Agency Alliance (MAA) & SIAA stand apart from our competitors because we offer more opportunities, partnerships, and income than any other network of independent insurance agents.

Get five layers of income immediately with no minimum premium thresholds.



Benefits of Membership

Revenue Programs

Access to the SIAA network will increase your income through extensive revenue sharing programs, overrides, preferred contracts, and national incentives, while remaining completely independent. Quarterly and year-end strategic partner incentives paid to members agencies are also included.

Existing independent agents typically see premium growth of 30-80% within 24 months of joining SIAA/MAA while our startup members are given all the tools they need to get off the ground and quickly become a profitable agency.

Market Access

Grow your existing book using SIAA’s extensive network of over 30 top national and regional insurance carriers. Agencies associated with Montana Agency Alliance (MAA) & SIAA are consistently growing their premiums and agency value with zero carrier access fees.

Don’t leave money on the table. With MAA, you will still have direct carrier access, as well as the ability to book E&S business you would have otherwise walked away from before.

Laying the Foundation

SIAA’s “Agency Foundation” program provides new startup agencies with a fast track to becoming a profitable independent agency that owns its entire book of business. Get real time assistance and support to start-up your independent insurance agency with a solid base for agency growth, income, and value.

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Montana Agency Alliance and SIAA can put your agency on the right path to not only compete against all forms of insurance distribution, but thrive in an ever-evolving industry by significantly increasing your agency’s value.

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Ongoing Support

When you partner with SIAA/MAA, you’re partnering with someone who has a vested interest in your growth and sustainability. Whether you’re a newer agency trying to get off the ground, or an existing agency looking to take your business to the next level, we’re here to support you and your growth for years to come.

Training & CE

Training and continuing education are a critical component to all independent agencies. The Training & Learning Center provides training and CE that helps agencies stay on the forefront of industry best practices and coverage expertise.

Free courses such as the 6-week Business Insurance Advantage program and a 4-week Foundations program are tailored to help agencies get up to speed with insurance and sales essentials, as well as onboarding to SIAA systems.


SIAA and MAA maintain close working relationships with key technology partners, typically saving our partners thousands of dollars every year. These partnerships allow us to remain at the forefront of insurance agency management systems and digital solutions designed to increase service capabilities, streamline operations and attract more clients.

Opportunity. Growth. Success.

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