Welcome to Montana Agency Alliance, LLC

Welcome to Montana Agency Alliance, LLC


Independent, but never alone.

Build a profitable agency faster with an unrivaled growth partner, while remaining 100% independent.

One size does not fit all.

From start-ups to established agencies, Montana Agency Alliance membership is designed to grow with your business.

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Access to carriers from day one.

With access to top national and regional insurance companies, agencies associated with Montana Agency Alliance are consistently growing their premiums and agency value.

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Our Mission

Montana Agency Alliance (MAA) is dedicated to the creation, growth and retention of the Independent Insurance Agency distribution system. Together with SIAA, MAA provides the total solution for independent agencies – offering access to top rated companies along with regular and business development to grow their business and increase income.

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Maintain your independence, yet tap into an alliance of greater commissions, profit sharing overrides and growth bonuses!

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Why Join Montana Agency Alliance?

MAA is NOT an insurance franchise, aggregator, brokerage or one of the many clusters available to independent agents. We are an Insurance Integrator helping insurance agencies and proven strategies that have allowed our existing members to:

Increase customer retention

Increase their production and profitability

Become instantly BIG!

Remain 100% independent!

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Vanessa Bucklin, PCI Conrad

“All the experts and experienced people told me there was no possible way that I could open an agency without buying a book of business or being under a captive market. Because of MAA/SIAA, I was able to prove them all wrong.

Their support, network, and carriers were the key ingredient in my success. I now have a thriving business in a small town, and I’m competing against big agencies.“

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We Are Montana

Montana Agency Alliance is the exclusive SIAA regional master agency for the entire state of Montana. If you are an agency owner with a desire to grow, or a captive agent or producer looking to start anew – if you are in Montana, let us help you become Instantly BIG.

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SIAA By the Numbers

$14.2+ B

Over $14.2 Billion in Premium


Agents, Producers, & Employees


Strategic Carrier Partnerships

Our Partners

  • Hanover Insurance
  • RLI
  • RT Specialty
  • RPS
  • Vacant Express
  • XS Brokers
  • Berkley Aspire
  • Travelers
  • AmTrust
  • CRC Wholesale Group
  • American Modern
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